Strategically located on Unirii Boulevard, Day Tower offers a spectacular view across Unirii Square. Its design dominates the scenery to the world renowned Palace of Parliament.

Companies now have the unique opportunity to work in a highly visible, modern and efficient space, in the largest commercial area of Bucharest, where Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 meet.

From young employees with a dynamic lifestyle, to demanding managers that seek enhanced performance and corporate status, Day Tower suits all working requirements.

19,000 m²
total built area

11,753 m²
gross leasable area

1,360 m²
typical office floor

above ground floors

underground parking places<

915 m²
dedicated retail area

+ Prime Location

+ Top Visibility

+Excellent Accessibility

+Spectacular Views

+ In the Heart of Everything

+ State of the Art Architecture & Engineering

+ Class A Modern Design & Comfort Features

+ Highly Efficient, with Excellent Green Features

+ Directly connected to all areas and attractions in the city

+ Dynamism

+ Performance

+ Innovation

quality & efficiency

for businesses of today & tomorrow


Day Tower is a building with a versatile space, modern green features and efficient floor layouts that provide a healthy and productive working environment, while lowering operational costs.

The complex is surrounded by green areas, seamless walking and transportation facilities and an impressive array of leisure and networking alternatives.


reception area

Accesible from Unirii Boulevard and offering a luminous view from the inside, the reception area provides an excellent hub for tenant and visitors services.

The contemporary lobby design is completed by modern multimedia features, creating a dynamic environment and integrating the building into the surrounding urban landscape.



Day Tower represents a landmark development not only in terms of location and function, but also in terms of sustainability. The building is designed to reach a minimum Very Good ranking under the BREEAM 2013 New Construction regulations.

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It addresses a number of lifecycle stages such as New Construction, Refurbishment and In-Use.


Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is reduced via efficient lighting system and well-designed façade, together with the MEP equipment.

Site & Landscaping

The rooftop terrace is designed with an extensive green area, while the ground floor area is landscaped to provide an integrated urban environment for employees to relax and invigorate. Ecology protection measures applied during execution time enhance the sustainability of the site.

Healthy Work Environment

Indoor air quality is particularly considered via sensors that provide an optimum working environment. Carefully selected finishing materials contribute to the improvement of health, comfort and efficiency of people in the building.

Sustainable Transportation

Parking areas for bicycles are provided, as well as dedicated changing rooms equipped with showers and lockers. Electric recharging stations foster the use of electric vehicles and car sharing facilities are encouraged.




+ optimized startup and shutdown, centralized technical plants, air handling systems, central cooling and heating, ventilation and associated pumps

+ selective control of outdoor lighting

+ software optimized for control

+ separate metering for each tenant, via remote access on desktop and mobile devices


+ 24 h security

+ complete CCTV monitoring system

+ access control system via BMS

+ gas detectors in the building via BMS

+ emergency lighting system

+ presurized escape ways

+ fire prevention system based on optical and multi-sensors smoke detectors


+ optimum façade performance

+ optimum overall insulation

+ high C.O.P.

+ 4 pipes HVAC system

+ BMS monitoring system

+ central cooling system; cold water distribution monitoring via BMS

+ LED lighting

+ motion detectors for lighting control in toilets and common areas


+ axis spacing: 6.2 – 10.00 m

+ loading capacity: 3,5 kn/m2 per office area

+ increased loading capacity of 7,5 kn/m2 for archives and server rooms

+ power supply: 76.5 kW per floor; 1 person/8 m2

+ 1 socket circuit 2000 W installed power for 4 persons; approx. 45 W/m2

+ sound reduction features (overall: 38dB)


+ excellent natural lighting

+ high-tech HVAC for maximum user comfort

+ fresh air ratio: 35 m3/h/person

+ double skin glass façade: safety glass, with low emissivity, low solar factor, high light transmission and thermal resistance

+ improved access and orientation

+ passenger lifts: 4 elevators/15 passengers (1150 kg) each; 2m/s

+ destination control system